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At present, the company integrates casting, extrusion, oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying, heat insulation, bridge breaking and deep processing. Its products include architectural profiles, door and window aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles and profiles.


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The joint efforts of hongzan people will make hongzan company more brilliant - there are China and hongzan for aluminum in the world!



Hongzan aluminum was founded in 1994. It is a famous brand product of Guangdong Province and a famous trademark of Guangdong Province.

Foshan Nanhai hongzan building materials Co., Ltd

Foshan Nanhai hongzan building materials Co., Ltd., established in 1994, is located at No.8 huancun Road, Maoyi village, zoumaying, Shiling, Shishan town, Nanhai City, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, covering an are...


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Complete variety, high quality
Variety complete, quality assurance, the best quality and price guarantee the delivery speed
Aluminum honeycomb panel, ecological door, wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel, etc. provide high-quality products and services, meet the market demand to a greater extent, let you choose worry free

Perfect quality assurance system, achieve the combination of self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection to ensure the product qualification rate

Industry advanced production equipment, scale production, lower cost, better price

Secure warehouse, guarantee delivery speed
Complete variety, high quality
High quality, high quality aft
High-quality, high-quality after-sales service, so you no worries
Quick response to customer information, timely solve your confusion

Professional after-sales technical team, regular new and old customers return visit, provide technical guidance at any time

With years of industry accumulation market, to provide you with a full range of service mode, become a powerful backup force
Complete variety, high quality
Sincerely invite agents from a
Recruitment of the national dealers, welcome customers to join friends
It has advanced production equipment and professional production technology imported from France

Aluminum honeycomb conforming to American aviation standard

Many years of industry experience and keen insight into the market make the company's products close to the market demand, < br / > Hongzan team will provide you with better and faster information and services

Affordable price, higher quality, let you rest assured to become our franchisee! Looking forward to cooperating with you!
Sincerely invite agents from a

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What is imitation wood grain aluminum honeycomb board?
The imitation wood grain aluminum honeycomb board is a kind of high-grade metal decoration material, which uses aluminum alloy plate with certain thickness and is customized according to the size, shape and structural form of the project site design, and


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